27-Jun-24: In Security News Today

Critical GitLab Bug lets Attackers Run Pipelines As Any User

A critical vulnerability in certain versions of GitLab Community and Enterprise Edition products allows attackers to run pipelines as any user, posing a severe security risk with a severity score of 9.6 out of 10. GitLab has released updates to address the issue in versions 17.1.1, 17.0.3, and 16.11.5, urging users to upgrade immediately. The update also includes fixes for 13 other security issues, with three rated as high severity, addressing vulnerabilities like stored XSS, CSRF, and an authorization flaw in GitLab’s global search feature.

Global Police Operation First Light Seizes $257m in Global Scam Bust

Interpol’s Operation First Light 2024 involved police forces from 61 countries collaborating to dismantle online scam networks, resulting in the arrest of 3950 suspects and the identification of 14,643 more. Authorities froze 6745 bank accounts, seized assets worth $257m, intercepted $135m in fiat currency and $2m in cryptocurrency, and confiscated over $120m worth of assets. The operation also saw significant achievements in various regions, such as apprehending suspects in Hong Kong, seizing luxury items in Brazil, and dismantling a scam network in Namibia while rescuing 88 youths forced into conducting scams.

China-Sponsored Attackers Target 40K Corporate Users in 90 Days

State-sponsored actors have launched three novel credential-phishing campaigns targeting over 40,000 corporate users, including top-level executives, in just three months. These attacks bypass traditional security controls like multifactor authentication and URL filtering, demonstrating an evolution in tactics. Security experts emphasize the need for organizations to enhance cybersecurity strategies, embrace a zero-trust framework, and provide ongoing security awareness and phishing training to combat the evolving threats posed by well-resourced attackers.

TeamViewer’s Corporate Network Was Breached in Alleged APT Hack

TeamViewer’s corporate network was breached in a cyberattack allegedly by an APT hacking group. The breach was detected in the internal corporate IT environment, separate from the product environment, with no evidence of customer data being affected. Alerts from NCC Group and Health-ISAC warned of APT29 targeting TeamViewer, a popular remote access software used by millions worldwide.

US Better Business Bureau Consumer Watchdog Listed by Ransomware Gang

BianLian ransomware recently attacked the Better Business Bureau, resulting in a shift towards data extortion rather than traditional ransomware encryption. This group gains access via remote desktop protocol credentials, installs customized backdoors, and exfiltrates data, threatening to leak it unless a ransom is paid. Critical infrastructure organizations are urged to enhance defenses by limiting remote access, disabling command-line scripting, and maintaining strong authentication practices to mitigate such threats​.

Critical Rabbit R1′ Security Flaw Leaves User Data At Risk

Security researchers have identified a critical flaw in the Rabbit R1 AI assistant device, which uses VNC for account integration rather than secure methods like OAuth. This approach exposes users to significant risks, including potential credential harvesting and session hijacking. It is recommended that users exercise caution with account integrations and consider using secondary accounts for enhanced security.

Gas Chromatograph Hacking Could Have Serious Impact

Critical vulnerabilities in Emerson’s gas chromatographs, including command injection and authentication bypass, could allow attackers to execute commands and obtain admin capabilities. These devices, used in hospitals and environmental monitoring, are exposed due to their network connectivity and remote control mechanisms. Claroty’s findings highlight the importance of isolating such critical systems from the internet and applying firmware updates to mitigate potential disruptions in healthcare and industrial processes.

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