05-Apr-24: In Security News Today

Hacker Group Publishes NHS Scotland’s Stolen Data and Threatened to Dump Entire 3 TB Unless Paid

Hackers threatened to release 3TB of NHS Scotland’s data, including sensitive patient information, unless a ransom is paid. The breach, attributed to the Inc Ransom group, targeted NHS Dumfries and Galloway, exposing employees’ and patients’ data dating back to 2019. Authorities and NHS Scotland are addressing the breach’s impact, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity investments to prevent future incidents.

SurveyLama Data Breach Impacts 4.4 Million Users

The survey platform SurveyLama experienced a data breach impacting over 4.4 million users, with leaked information including email addresses, personal details, and hashed passwords. Detected in February and confirmed by Have I Been Pwned, the breach prompted a platform-wide password reset. SurveyLama, underlining a significant security lapse, has since enhanced its security measures to prevent future incidents.

Fake Facebook MidJourney AI page promoted malware to 1.2 million people

Hackers are using fake Facebook pages to promote malware disguised as popular AI services like MidJourney, OpenAI’s SORA, and ChatGPT-5, targeting unsuspecting users with password-stealing malware. The malvertising campaigns lure users into fraudulent Facebook communities, tricking them into downloading malicious executables that steal sensitive information. Despite the shutdown of a fake MidJourney page with 1.2 million followers, cybercriminals quickly set up new pages impersonating MidJourney, showcasing the sophistication and persistence of social media-based malvertising strategies.

Panera Bread Week-long IT Outage Caused by Ransomware Attack

Panera Bread experienced a week-long IT outage due to a ransomware attack that encrypted many of the company’s virtual machines, impacting data and applications. The responsible ransomware group remains unidentified, indicating a potential ransom demand or payment. Panera employees expressed concerns over the lack of transparency regarding the attack and the security of their data.

Cyber Attack Hits World’s Second Largest Lens-maker

HOYA Corporation is actively working to mitigate the effects of a data breach, with concerns about potential compromise of confidential information. The company is collaborating with specialists to analyze the impact of cyber-attacks and restore affected systems, emphasizing the importance of enhanced security measures. The incident highlights the need for robust cybersecurity measures in the face of evolving cyber threats, setting a precedent for global enterprises in handling such crises.

Researchers Identify Multiple China Hacker Groups Exploiting Ivanti Security Flaws

Multiple China-nexus threat actors are exploiting three security flaws impacting Ivanti appliances, with Mandiant tracking clusters under various monikers. These threat actors are engaging in post-exploitation activities using tools like Sliver, WARPWIRE, and TERRIBLETEA. The attackers are utilizing custom malware like TONERJAM and PHANTOMNET to compromise Ivanti devices and maintain persistence, highlighting the ongoing threat posed by these China-based groups.

US Federal Contractor Acuity Confirms Hackers Stole Government Data from GitHub Repos

Acuity, a federal contractor, confirmed a data breach where hackers stole non-sensitive data from their GitHub repositories. The breach, attributed to threat actors IntelBroker and Sangierro, involved exploiting a vulnerability in an Acuity server to access private repositories. The stolen data includes information from various U.S. government agencies, with ongoing investigations to determine the full extent of the breach.

NIST Grants $3.6 Million to Boost US Cybersecurity Workforce

NIST has allocated $3.6 million in grants to 18 organizations across the US to address the cybersecurity skills gap, fostering education and workforce development in partnership with NICE. The initiative aims to cultivate a skilled cybersecurity workforce, critical for national security and economic stability, by funding projects that meet local business and nonprofit needs. This strategic investment underscores the importance of building a robust cybersecurity talent pipeline to defend against evolving cyber threats.

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